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Two- Day Tour for Tourists from Greece


Day One
Gjirokaster–Sarande. Meet and greet in Kakavija Border or Sarande harbor or hotel. Transfer in the stone city of Gjirokaster, known with the old name of Argyrokastra ,  part of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage. Visit to the city fortress, dated from Century IV, The Old Bazaar and the characteristic stores of Gjirokaster. Afternoon return to Sarande; on the way you will visit the Blue Eye and learn about the legend of this amazing source and the Mesopotamian Monastery. Overnight  in Sarande.More about: Gjirokastra, Saranda


Day Two
Saranda–Butrint–Gjirokaster.  After breakfast at hotel, the bus will drive you to the Antique City of Butrint, part of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Fund, founded in the Century VIII, BC.  In Butrint, you will visit:  Acropolis Century VIII, AC, the Sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius, God of Healing Century IV, BC. Visit continues to the Lake Gate Century IV, AC, the Roman Theatre Century III, AC., Agoraja, the City Centre and the Trade Centre. The Gymnasium of the city was a holy place, The Grand Basilica Century IV, AC., a civil Roman house, a fountain dating from Century II, the Venetian Castle and the Tower of Century XIV -  XVI AC. Lunch in Ksamil, at a Restaurant on the seaside offering fresh sea food. After lunch, return to Gjirokaster, or to the Border of Greece, Kakavija. More about Butrinti

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