Albania Beauty

Four-Day Tours for Tourists from Macedonia

Qafe Thane–Elbasan–Durres–Berat–Pogradec–Korce-Qafe Thane

Day One
Q.Thane–Elbasan–Durres . The tour guide meets and group at the border with Macedonia, Ride on a comfortable, air-conditioned bus to the City of Elbasanit, one of the most important industrial cities before the nineties. First visit takes palce at Skampa, the ancient Castle, which dates back to the Century XV, including the Bazaar Hamam, built in the sixteenth century. The older building is located further down the road. It has hot and cold baths. The hamam was rebuilt in 1874; it has 8 windows and a well-known Ottoman mosque. After Lunch, the bus drives the group to Durres. Overnight in Durres. More about: Elbasani, Durresi

Day Two
Durres–Berat. Durres is the second biggest city to Tirana and the most important sea port of the country. The City of Durres (Dyrracium) enjoyed the status of “a free city” in the times of Julius Caesar. Visit of the Fortress, with a prominent Venetian Tower; the Amphitheatre (one of the biggest in the Balkan Peninnsula and most exquisite monu- ments that has survived from the ancient city. It was built in the 2nd century A.C during the Roman period. According to the records, the amphitheatre was very big and could sit 15.000 spectators); the Archaeological Museum, located near the sea, is rich in objects found during archeological excavations in Durres.  At the end of the Durres visit, we continue with the trip to Berat. Optional lunch at a traditional restaurant on the way to Berat. Overnight in Berat More about Berati

Day Three
Berat–Korca. After breakfast, visit of Berat. As you approach the centre of the city you will be impressed by the period houses. Visit to the castle, built up on a rocky hill 260m above the sea level. Churches here have survived within its powerful stony walls. The church, which preserves wooden-engraved iconostasis and houses the Onufri Museum is one of the highlights and of great interest of thousands of visitors over the years. Visit to the other sites: Lead Mosque, Bachelor’s Mosque, Gorica bridge and many dwelling houses of the 18th and 19th centuries. Lunch followed with the next leg of the trip to Korce. Overnight in Korce.More about Korca

Day Four

Korca–Q.Thane. After breakfast at the hotel, we will start with a walk round the city for a brief introduction to the history of the Korce City, followed by a visit the Museum of Medieval Arts and the Mosque of Mirahori, one of the oldest in the country built in 1469, visits to the Orthodox Cathedral located in the heart of the city, the Bazaar and the Museum of the First Albanian School. You may also consider a visit to the Oriental Art Museum, recently opened and the only one of the kind in Albania After breakfast, the group begins the site seeing of Korce, the city of serenades, Lunch featuring a traditional Albanian menu. Transfer to border point with Macedonia.

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